Document Scanning

Digitizing your paper documents

Document scanning reduces paper, improves efficiency, and automates processes throughout your organization. No matter the size, type or volume, Spaceport Imaging's trained technicians securely and accurately convert your documents into digital images for easy and secure access and processing.

We provide document scanning services for a wide variety of documents types including government documents, medical records, legal documents, insurance documents, financial/accounting records and more.



Find the document you need in seconds

Document indexing allows for the quick and easy retrieval of your scanned documents. Search on any value you’d like, such as invoice number, customer name, data field, document type, and more. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR), our imaging technology can convert scanned documents and electronic files like PDFs or digital images into fully searchable text documents. This means you can do full text searches to identify key words and how often they appear in context, share data across applications to streamline communications and workflow, and avoid the time and cost manual data entry, plus all the corresponding errors that go along with it.

How it Works


Send / Pickup your records


Prep Documents


Scan & Quality Control


Data Capture Quality Control





Medical Records

Convert existing medical records to digital files. HIPAA Compliant retrieval from within your EMR system or from other systems.


Human Resources

Convert paper-based employee records into electronic files to better meet compliance guidelines.


Business Records

Scan invoices, purchase orders, contracts, manuals, etc and store them securely. Utilize automated workflows  to expedite processing

Retrieve your documents easily from quickly from anywhere.